Climate City

Climate City is the knowledge, advice and development platform through which we support the market in realizing healthy, sustainable, circular and safe working and living environments.


The environment in which HC Groep operates is changing rapidly. This is partly due to the rapid development of trends and technology, as well as the introduction of new standards and legislation. Also, there is an increasing amount of specialized technology in buildings and an ever-increasing integration of mechanical, electrical and smart building solutions. In addition, an increasing trend can be seen where one party is responsible for consulting, design, delivery, installation, integration as well as management & maintenance. 

Therefore HC Groep has introduced Climate City. Climate City is the knowledge, advice and development platform through which we support the market in realizing healthy, sustainable, circular and safe working and living environments.

Climate City

Trends and developments

Climate City tracks the latest trends and developments in wellness, sustainability, circularity and safety and examines how they affect developers, managers and, most importantly, building users. We are always aware of the latest wishes and requirements in the area of standards (both national and European), laws, regulations and certifications. To this end, we are members of national and international industry associations, interest and knowledge organizations. 

With the gained knowledge, existing products, systems and services are adapted and further developed. New integrated solutions are being developed so that they always meet the latest technology, standards, laws, regulations and certification criteria.

Social themes

HC Groep’s main concerns are well-being, sustainability, circularity and safety. These challenges are addressed integrally, with control engineering and smart building technology playing a connecting and central role. Through the Climate City platform, HC Groep advises and supports companies, relations and partners with issues and certification in these areas.

People spend 90% of their time indoors, so it is of great importance that the indoor climate should support and improve human well-being. Climate City closely follows all developments in the area of well-being and certification of buildings according to the WELL and Fitwell method.

Sustainability can no longer be ignored in the build environment. After years of making buildings increasingly sustainable, the energy transition has entered its next phase: moving entirely to sustainable generated energy. Climate City closely follows all developments in the field of generating, distributing, storing and applying renewable energy.

After fossil fuels, nature resources are becoming increasingly scarce. It is therefore of great importance that products can be reused, modified reused or easily recycled at the end of their life span. Climate City follows all developments in the area of circularity, including the Madaster materials passport.

Creating a safe escape route from (tall) buildings and providing a safe access for emergency services in case of an emergency (fire) is of great importance. In modern smart buildings, digital safety (cyber security) is also very important. Ventilation -given current developments- is taking on an increasingly important role within the theme of safety.
Climate City tracks all developments in building and digital security.

Smart Building technology

Smart building technology integrates all technical systems of a building and ensures that energy (cold and heat) is sustainably generated, stored and distributed throughout the building and allows all the installations to work together energy efficiently.

Smart building technology has three primary functions: to use energy sustainable, to use the building as efficiently as possible and to give users control over their environment. For this purpose, data is collected and securely stored. The data is available through smart building apps or via dashboards.


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